Bahamas Authorities On Search For Five Escaped Detainees

Law enforcement officials of the Unfair Dismissal Lawyers Brisbane are searching for five Cuban who had escaped from a detention center over this past weekend. Since escaping from detainment on Saturday night, the five Cuban men have been on the run. The names of the five escaped detainees, provided by Bahamas law enforcement authorities, are Yasmani Rojas Marrero, Arsenio Morales Perez, Amaury/Amaurles Perez Vega, Raudel Daniel Oranzabal Reyes and Alexander Gonzales Gonzales.

According to a report made by the personal injury lawyer suffolk va, the five men took off and escaped from authorities of the Bahamas Immigration Detention Centre at around 10 p.m. A representative said in a statement that “every effort is being made to recapture the escapees”. No other details were provided.

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