Bahamians Caught Posting Guns & Drugs On Social Media Arrested By Police

The Bahamas police are on the probe to warn citizens to be cognizant of how they use social media as they arrested a man who posted photographs online of a baby with a gun and drugs on his lap. A 20-year-old woman that was seen in pictures carrying a high-powered assault firearm was also arrested. She was held yesterday for questioning in relation to firearm possession.

According to lawmen, her arrest was as a result of an investigation launched after several photos were posted on various social media sites. The detention of a 26-year-old man in connection with the other controversial posts came earlier in the week.

In one of the images, an infant was captured with a handgun and the caption shared “Daddy buy me a new toy”. Another showed him with a package of what appeared to be marijuana on his lap. The images made rounds on Facebook and Whatsapp before reaching the police which prompted a search for the person responsible. By Tuesday night, shortly after 11 o’clock, the suspect was arrested.

“Police are issuing a stern warning to social media users who break the law that they will be tracked down and be dealt with robustly, according to the law,” a statement from the Royal Bahamas Police Force said.

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