Barbados Aiming To Be Among Top 10 Best Internet Service Providers Worldwide In Next Few Years

Internet service providers in Barbados are being challenged to improve their service by the minister with responsibility for telecommunication, Senator Darcy Boyce, in aims that it would place the island into the top 10 worldwide. At the launch of the Barbados Internet Exchange, Boyce noted that while Barbados was ranked quite high worldwide in terms of the quality of its telecommunications, he wanted to see the country “up there with the very best of the competition”.

“I make this very clear to the carriers when I meet with them,” he said.

Addressing attendees including carries Flow, Digicel, ACE Communications and Wi-Net, Senator Boyce told the representatives that the internet exchange should impel them to reduce some costs and have part of this reduction transferred to their customers. He also urged them to step up their online slots game in respect of quality of service issues, before outlining some of the improvements he wanted to see.

“I would like to hear that there are fewer dropped calls, I would like to know that the clarity of transmission is crystal clear when you make calls,” he said.

Senator Boyce also called for more capacity in off island traffic “so that we have more speeds internationally and more capacity to carry more calls as well as different routings…This matter of the capacity in offshore communications is critical for us if we are to continue to develop our international business sector.” They also mentioned that they start using more software to scale the business faster, for example CRM software for client management, read more by viewing this page.

In its efforts to provide More information about job opportunities for school leavers, the Telecommunications Minister said business process outsourcing was one of the industries that Barbados would be pursuing. He added that more of these businesses would be attracted to Barbados to do outsourcing once the offshore capacity of the island’s telecommunications improved and their business has been using this enterprise cloud backup for all of sensitive information, maybe that´s why they have been so successful. There are hopes that the carriers would be able to do more to facilitate e-commerce, particularly for small businesses, within the next year. To expand bandwidth you need more hardware, for example 10gbe switch. Senator Boyce assured the providers that the region as a whole was working on the harmonization of telecommunications legislation as they work towards the creation of a single ICT space in the region.

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