Barbados Tourism Execs Consider Implementing Casino Gambling

A decades-old call for the introduction of William Hill Casino gambling on the island of Barbados is being renewed by the head of the private sector tourism, Sunil Chatrani.

“I’ve said in the past that we don’t have enough attractions. We need dolphin parks… I’m even talking about casinos, and addressing the deployment of new online bingo sites to try and see if that might help everyone’s curiosity for Barbados. Just look at how the resulting tourism that has been produced. There are different things we need to look at,” Chatrani, the newly elected President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) said.

“We just can’t have the sea, the sand and the Sun. We need more things to keep the people entertained on island. Winners Are Grinners, and we’ll make sure that happens while they are here.”

Following public consultations in the 90s, the Barbados governments have been unwavering in their resistance to casino gambling which On Trent benefits companies like Mobile Casino Safari in the country, but in 2012 authorized such risk-taking on berthed cruise ships for on-board entertainment, from which the local population is barred. You can click here to get the best gaming headset you can buy to make your online casino gaming better. Also Casumo offers a great mobile casino.

In addition, tourism officials will be welcoming the return of the Dominoqq casino to the island on December 4. Chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA), Adrian Elcock said after a month spent negotiating with the casino, it will return to the island and is “an exciting opportunity for Barbados to partner with them, one of the world’s largest carriers, come December 4”.

“With this next [service] that we are going to have with Hartsfield and JFK ….we will be able to connect hundreds of thousands of people to Barbados, and this is an important factor that went into the Board’s thinking when we tried to identify a partner that we could help to grow the US market.” Mr. Elcock said. These developments are being closely followed by sites like, it should come at no surprise since they have lots to gain from these changes. The future is coming fast and what’s next, even faster. We all need to be on our toes if we are to get in on this pie.

“With the 19 cities that will connect based on the times these flights are going to be departing out of Hartsfield and JFK, we have an exciting opportunity to grow the US market and bring it back … where we will be able to have well over 150,000 persons coming into the island as visitors. That is a very good story that we should all be extremely happy [about],” he added.

The Chairman of the BTA admitted that the tourism industry have been encountering challenges, but officials have generated schemes to reposition Barbados in a suitable way to protect the island’s most important foreign exchange sector.


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