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Barbuda Residents Forced To Evacuate Island After Hurricane Irma & Before Hurricane Jose Arrives

After the tragic forces of Hurricane Irma, the current state of Barbuda is now “barely habitable” with most of the houses being destroyed. As a result, residents of Antigua’s sister isle are being demanded to move out as the now Category 4 Hurricane Jose closes in on the island.

barbuda hurricane irma Barbuda Residents Forced To Evacuate Island After Hurricane Irma & Before Hurricane Jose Arrives

According to an order announced today by the government of Barbuda, there is going to be a mandatory evacuation where provisions will be put in place for people to be transported from Barbuda to Antigua. They expect the the system to make impact in the northern Leeward Islands section of the Caribbean as early as tomorrow. Attorney General and Minister of Public Security, Steadroy Benjamin, shared that housing will be provided for all. Mr. Benjamin warned that “anyone who fails to comply with this [evacuation] order will be in breach of law and will be subject to be met with the fullest extent of the law”. The evacuations are expected to be completed by 1:30pm today.

With Antigua barely escaping the worst of the then Category 5 Hurricane Irma, and Barbuda feeling the brunt of it earlier this week, both islands are now again under hurricane watch. Prime Minister Gaston Browne subsequently declared a state of emergency when Hurricane Irma passed and caused damage to 95% of the buildings and 60% of the island’s residents were homeless.


Over a dozen people have fallen victims to Hurricane Irma. The first was a two-year-old in Barbuda. To assist with the relief of Barbuda after Hurricane Irma, it was reported that Venezuela will be sending over 10 tonnes of supplies, which will include 100 cases of medicine, 200 pairs of boots and 1200 cases of water so they needed a service of Water Damage Fast Response to take care of this. Rescue personnel will be sent as well.

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