Brass Fest, Kiddies Carnival, Panorama, Dimanche Gras, Mas and More Mas will be the big head-liner events for the 2012 West Indian American Day Carnival weekend in Brooklyn. The events start on Thursday August 30th right until the street parade on Monday September 3rd.

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Machel Mnotano will be joined by a cast that includes Patrice Roberts, Farmer Nappy, Barbados’ Edwin Yearwood and Krosfyah and Dominica’s Zouk band, WCK, Mr. Vegas, Calypso Rose and King Ajamu. The cast reflects WIADCA’s push for “Caribbean inclusiveness” in the festival and recognition that putting together a Caribbean Cast is a sensible, sound policy.

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 You can’t go to Brooklyn Carnival weekend and not attend the Panorama Competition!

About 11 steel orchestras will square off on the grounds of the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday night, September 1st as one of the high-points of the 2012 Carnival Festival jumpsinto high-gear. The famed Panorama steelpan competition will get underway at 7pm sharp.

From all reports it will be a night to remember and competitors are hard at work tuning, practicing and organizing their groups to do battle and take home the title “Champions of PanoRama.”

“Pan has come a very long way from the early days when it was looked down upon and discriminated against by so-called police society. The panman was seen as a hooligan and a no-good by society and it took many years of blood, sweat and toil for the pan to gain some semblance of respectability,” Randy Babb, WIADCA’s Board liaison to the steelpan community in New York.

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The Dimanche Gras show is a variety event that showcases all of the talents and skills that combine together to make the Carnival Festival 2012. You might say that this show is the high-point of the 5-day festival that prepares fans and patrons for the big Labor Day Carnival Parade when over 3 million people will flock to Eastern Parkway to view the spectacle and kaleidoscope of color, rhythm and music.

Enjoy all the elements of Carnival on the biggest stage in North America… and of course check back here for all the pics!

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