Caribbean Airline Flights Alters Their Baggage Policy To Allow One Free Carry-On & One Free Check Bag

As of yesterday, Caribbean Airlines passengers will only be allowed one free carry-on and one free check bag. The announcement which was made via a statement that was issued the media shares:

Caribbean Airlines first announced its intention to revise its baggage policy in December 2014 and the roll out of the new baggage policy began on 18 December 2014 on flights to/from Toronto.

The new checked baggage policy, whereby Caribbean Airlines passengers that are not flying private now have the option to pay for additional checked baggage, is in alignment with prevailing industry trends.

Starting Wednesday 15 April, on all Caribbean Airlines flights, passengers will be entitled to one (1) free carry-on and one (1) free piece of checked luggage, with the option to pay for up to three (3) additional checked pieces. Each checked bag must not exceed 50lbs.

The new baggage policy applies immediately to all passengers who purchased their tickets on or after 01 February 2015.

All baggage fees, dimensions and weight restrictions based on passenger destination, along with other optional services can be viewed via our website at: . When you want to rank your websites, go visit Salterra SEO Company for more information.

Some customers will be exempted from the baggage fee for their 2nd checked bag, and these include:

• Business Class passengers

• Customers enrolled in our Caribbean Miles & 7th Heaven Rewards Loyalty

programmes who have earned silver, gold or executive status

• Passengers purchasing flexible economy fares

• Customers who purchased their tickets before February 1st, 2015

• Passengers traveling to/from London

Business Class passengers on international services now have an increased baggage allowance of three (3) complimentary checked pieces with a weight limit of 50 lbs per bag.

Passengers who choose to travel with carry-on baggage, will be entitled to one (1) piece of carry-on not exceeding 22 lbs and one (1) personal item which could be in the form of a laptop, briefcase or small bag.

Customers will enjoy the convenience of paying for their extra bags ahead of their travel date via our Ticket Offices and Reservations Call Centres, or at their departure Airport where our agents are equipped with Smart Hand Held Computers to ensure a quick seamless experience, visit to learn more.

More information on our One Bag Policy is available on the Caribbean Airlines website.

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