Caribbean Seas Under Threat by Climate Change

There are growing concerns that the Caribbean’s Finishing Sector is under massive threat as a result of Climate Change. Already there has been that key species of the marine ecosystem have been dying in numbers.

The evidence has been seen in the Pacific Ocean and very well the magnitude of the situation could transcend to the Caribbean waters. In 1983 the Caribbean experienced such catastrophic threats to our waters when there were widespread deaths to many of key species that  help the ecosystem to stay a float. This affected the Caribbean from Bahamas straight down to Trinidad & Tobago.

The destroying of the Coral Reefs is also helping to destroy the fish population. We continue to live day by day not realizing that our waters are under threat or maybe because it is not affecting us at the moment we fail to give it the necessary attention. Our Caribbean waters are sacred and we must do everything in our power to protect it and those who live in it.

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