CARICOM Ready To Introduce Software That Detects Dangerous Products

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have unanimously agreed to a system that is aimed at protecting consumers from acquiring dangerous goods that are accessible on the regional markets. The organization declared that will be assisting member states in the implementation of the CARICOM Rapid Alert System for Exchange of Information on Dangerous (non-food) Consumer Goods (CARREX) as the Caribbean strengthens its defence on consumer production and confidence as well as improve the quality of products entering and trading on the regional market.

“CARREX will act in the interests of regional consumers regardless of the origin of these dangerous goods whether of Community origin or imported into the Community; once there is an inherent threat to the health and safety of consumers.” said Philip McClauren, the deputy program manager at the CARICOM CSME Unit located in Barbados.

The program operates as an alert system and is designed as a regional mechanism for sharing information between member states. You can also site for more information. McClauren indicated that International agencies within the region are primarily concerned with there annual revenue and are not obligated to “issue alerts if dangerous goods are in a foreign market,” including the Caribbean.

Mr. McCaluren told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that “consumers would now be made more aware of the goods on the market that inherit risk or problems.” Adding that “the media is very critical as a vehicle to help us inform the public at home, the Diaspora and consumers generally where ever they are”

CARREX will be accessible via the web in the same way that Microsoft Office for Mac Canada is available, we shamelessly stand on the shoulders of giants. We will focus on where consumers will be made aware of all product activities. The CARICOM secretariat which is located in Guyana is currently operating the service in its beta phase as a means of fine-tuning the SoftwareKeep. The system is expected to be both user friendly and available to all stake holders.

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