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Confessions of a Soca Music Junkie

The most soothing thing in life is music. I love all kinds of music, Soul for that glow, R&B for when I’m down and out, Reggae for its conscious vibes and groove, Hip-Hop because it represents where I was born, Classical music for thinking and then there is Soca my culture, my being, my love, my all, my husband in thee do I put my trust I am Vincy-Soca-Diva aka Chandy and I am a SOCA JUNKIE! My veins bleed soca, I inhale Soca, and I am Soca. Soca music is my therapy, it is apart of my culture it is the music of theCaribbeanit represents who I am. Soca is the main reason why I came to islandmix I was in pursuit of Soca and I was curious to meet other Soca Junkies.

I would like to reiterate I do love other genres of music and have every intention of writing about Zouk, Compas, Jab Jab, Salsa, Bouyon, and countless other forms of Caribbeanmusic. As a soca junkie, I feel it is my duty to get my music out there to the people outside of our culture. I intend to inform my followers with informative, entertaining, exciting news. I hate dry mundane storylines. One thing I love is writing an entertaining story. I love to grab my viewer, I love them to follow through, and by the end, they are able to say they learned something, and it was truly valuable. I’m hoping if possible maybe to have a monthly piece or paragraph dedicated to artists you no longer hear about. I would title it Long time no see. We know what hip-hop is, salsa, Meregne, pop and so forth why the world can’t know about soca?

Though soca originated inTrinidad and Tobagoin the 1960s with Ras Shorty I, it did not stop there. Soca music spilled over to St.Vincent,Barbados, Grenada ,Antigua, Haiti, Curacao, Dominica, and a host of other islands that make up theCaribbean. Soca music is music that represents theCaribbean. Islandmix is a vital site that helps promote my music, Soca music. I hate to see the division that occurs from time to time, but if you think about it that hate is truly love for the music. Face it if we did not care about soca we would not waste time seeking and yearning for the next track. I am glad to see soca has transition into a variety of genres such as ragga, groovy, chutney, and most recently popso. It is nice to know that our culture has evolved and our people have become innovative with our music.

The Caribbean is beautiful with sundry of people. I love myCaribbeanheritage and music. Without music, there would be no festivals such as Carnival, reggae series, junkanoo,Congoline etc. Music enchants the soul, uplifts the spirit, and feeds the energy. Without music, the world would be deaf to entertainment. Just think where would you be or what would you really do if you drove your car with no music, if you rode a maxi, or boat with no music, if you went shopping, or exercised without music- it would be pretty boring right. Music is essential part of everyone’s day, by writing to my people on islandmix, peepers and members alike I hope to captivate the crowd and keep them yearning for more. This is Vincy-Soca-Diva- AKA Chandy keep it locked for more.


Chandy Ablaze

Born and raised in Brooklyn with strong Vincy roots. My summers all spent in Vincy land, (yes Vincy is my home away from home. big Up Mespo, and Vermont). My first love was always helping others and promoting my beautiful culture. I first stepped on the scene as a writer/ photographer for West Indian Soul magazine. Years later I wrote for Caribbean Band Network. Now I begin my journey with Julian’s promotions, promoting my culture through interviews and writing. Come along with me on my journey share my joy and see what we have in store for you. Smooches peace and love Chandy Ablaze

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  • Ananda aka Santiwah

    Chandy it is Ras Shorty I (Garfield Blackman) not Ras Shory Eye!