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Fireman Hooper e1342030149460 Delroy Fireman Hooper | Discipline Yourself

This man is the “People’s Champion” and multi winner of the Vincentian Soca Monarch. Last year he captured the Soca Monarch crown with his song “Animal” and was able to represent St. Vincent at the International Soca Monarch Competition. Though Fire Man did not place he still felt satisfied that he was able to perform in front of millions and show them Vincy pride.

Fireman has a long list of hits “All Posse”, “Anaconda”, “Push up de Wood”. Fireman is an energetic artist that knows what the Vincentian people desire and what they look for he delivers. Every performance he gives his all. He takes pride in his work and has  great fan base in Vincy land.

With Fireman back in the ring the competition is sure to be fierce. Discipline yourself is about just that, but who really knows how to have discipline during Carnival. Carnival is about madness wildness, and enjoying yourself not giving a damn about what anyone says. I look forward to how he will present this song. I’m sure it will be very entertaining and humorous. Best of luck to the Soca Monarch King of Vincy land.

Listen to Fireman songs for 2012 right here at

Chandy Ablaze

Born and raised in Brooklyn with strong Vincy roots. My summers all spent in Vincy land, (yes Vincy is my home away from home. big Up Mespo, and Vermont). My first love was always helping others and promoting my beautiful culture. I first stepped on the scene as a writer/ photographer for West Indian Soul magazine. Years later I wrote for Caribbean Band Network. Now I begin my journey with Julian’s promotions, promoting my culture through interviews and writing. Come along with me on my journey share my joy and see what we have in store for you. Smooches peace and love Chandy Ablaze

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