Female Entrepreneurs From Bahamas Launch Website Called “Isle&Dine” To Offer Shared Dining Experiences

In an effort to bring chefs and cooks together with people from across the Caribbean and the world for shared dining experiences, three (3) female entrepreneurs have joined forces to create a new web-based platform for this purpose. The new technology called Isle&Dine is a tech platform that allows customers to book and purchase dining experiences that are hosted by chefs and even home cooks who prepare authentic local cuisine in their homes.


The three partners of the initiative, Heather Barker, Deidre Brathwaite and Denise Mongerie-Rogers; recently came together to bring Isle&Dine to the Case in Point market via www.isleanddine.com. Their first encounter was in 2013 at a workshop that was being held for innovators by infoDev, a programme of the World Bank. Prior to Barker’s discovery of a similar initiative that was established in the United States, the idea of Isle&Dine was brought to life where the first type was recreated to be adaptable for the local market.

“We thought that with the need Barbados’ diversify its culinary, visitor, and entertainment offerings, Isle&Dine would be a great service to bring to market,” she explained. “Cooks really like the concept and are keen to host guests for meals and earn extra income at the same time,” Barker added.

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