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Former T&T Attorney General Charged With Misbehaviour in Public Office Faces Court

On charges of misbehaviour in public office and obstruction of justice, former attorney general, Anand Ramlogan, made his first court appearance today. Mr. Ramlogan shared with media outlets that he looks forward to hearing his accusers being cross-examined on the witness stand when the trial finally commences. On Tuesday morning, authorities showed up at Ramlogan’s residence to put him in cuffs. By Wednesday evening, he was charged. It is said that Ramlogan was not required to plea to the indictable offences when he appeared before Magistrate Nanette Forde John. Currently, he remains on bail release which was set at TT$750,000 (US$ 111,490).

The charges Ramlogan were slapped with stem from claims by the Police Compliant Authority (PCA) director, David West, that he called hi days before his appointment to the PCA and asked him to withdraw as a witness in a matter involving the then opposition leader, Dr. Keith Rowley. The allegation against Ramlogan were denied. Shortly after the case was adjourned this morning to January 11 next year, Ramlogan who emerged from the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court said he was looking to having the matter ventilated in court.

His brief statement with the press was: “I anxiously await the day in court when the people that have made these spurious allegations will enter the witness box and subject themselves to the cross-examination that will prevail. It has been a very harrowing and distressing experience to be subjected to the execution of a search warrant with such a large contingent of police officers at my home. My primary concern now is for my young children and my family and I intend to protect them and to ensure that this trial does not affect them.”

Mr. Ramlogan also asserted that he would be back at work to continue his law practice next Monday.

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