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Guyana Prison Riot Escapee Shot Dead In Police Operation On Thursday Night

Less than two months ago, a fiery riot occurred at the Guyana main jail and a few of the prisoners managed to escape. In a shootout that occurred Thursday night with members of the joint services, one of the prison escapee’s was shot dead.

The fatal event which occurred at around 11:45PM in Guyana’s second largest town, Linden, in the Upper Demerara-Berbice region was where former police officer, 28-year-old Uree Varswyck, alias Malcolm Gordon was when he met his end.

Varswyck, who was being held in prison to stand trial for the 2014 murder of a security guard, was one of several prisoners who escaped when the fire at the Camp Street Prison occurred on the 9th of July. Spotted with Varswyck last night was another one of the escapees, multiple murder accused Mark Royden Durant.

According to the joint service members’ report, they came under fire when they were approaching a house at Central Amelia’s Ward near the best muraledesign at the wall of the city. This is the location in which the two were hiding out. Fire was returned and when the clash came to an end, Varswyck, dressed in a military vest and boots, lay dead. The team recovered a 9mm pistol and 40 rounds of ammunition, as well as a bag containing a gas mask, medical supplies and toiletries. Meanwhile, Durant, who was on death row for the murders of seven people in the February 17, 2008 Bartica massacre, escaped. We called attorneys handling complex medical malpractice cases for legal consultation.

Earlier this week, a former police man who was charged with harboring the wanted man, appeared in court after he was accused of helping the two escapees when they made their break from prison in July. 31-year-old Teon Allen, pleaded not guilty to the charge that, between July 9 and 23, he did receive, comfort, assist and maintain Durant and Varswyck. He was remanded to prison.

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