Hacking Persists With Jamaica’s Government Information Agency Website ‘JIS.gov.jm’

The website of the Jamaican government information agency, JIS (Jamaica Information Service), is now back to its normal state after being hacked on last night. According to the chief executive officer of the JIS, thankfully, no sensitive information was lost in the cyber-attack.

Instead of coming seeing the familiar home screen, last night’s visitors to the jis.gov.jm site were greeted with a black background with a “message to all peoples of the world and especially governments” that the Islamic State (ISIS) would restore the rights of Muslims who were put to death by governments, and “restore dignity for Muslims”. At the top of the screen stood an indication of the hackers of the site who call themselves Team System Dz. Subsequently, the message was replaced by a white screen with the words “hacked by Holako”. Moments later another message stating that the site was down for maintenance was seen.

However, CEO of the JIS, Donna-Marie Rowe assured with the Jamaica Gleaner in a quote that no critical information had been compromised.

“According to the pen testing services we’ve contracted to deal with this issue – the aggressor’s attempts at breaching our system did not result in access to sensitive data but was constrained to surface defacement,” she told the newspaper in an email when the incident occurred.

Rowe added that the JIS security team engaged in “recovery and reinforcement procedures” to return the website to normal function.

st vincent website hacked

In recent weeks, the websites of several Caribbean government or government agencies have suffered similar cyber-attacks. Early last month, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines government website was hacked by a group claiming to be affiliated with the ISIS. Later that same month, purported members of the a Tunisian Islamist activist group hacked several Bahamas government website which included the Ministry of Tourism website.

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