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Guilty as charged! Let’s face it; I think every woman is vain to some degree. I care what I look like and how my skin looks. But being vain doesn’t mean I having a big ego. It just means that I care what I look like to myself and others.

I’m not vain because I’m beautiful – but because I’m not beautiful! I’m pretty average looking. However, I feel that since I am average-looking, I need to keep and maintain those looks from slipping away.

Just recently, I have to come to realize that every time you frown, smile, squint, or use any other common facial expression, your muscles contract under your skin. When you do it over and over again, the result can be wrinkles. The truth is this can’t be avoided!!!  However I do believe that skin care products are essential to having good skin.

In the Caribbean, the sun plays a major role in skin deterioration. Skin needs to be protected from the sun in order to prevent aging. The sun is mainly responsible for wrinkles, dry skin, and blotchy pigmentation, thinning of skin, skin texture, skin dullness, and some other sun related diseases that can make your skin look older.

I have never smoked!  However it seems like everyone I know in their early 20s and 30s smoke. So at the end of the day I realize,  gosh! I am exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke.  Some researchers believe that exposure to cigarette smoke (whether you smoke or not) is as damaging to skin as exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Today, many scientists have suggested that nicotine present in the cigarette has the same influence on elastic in the skin as sunlight. So, my friends and family exposed me to the effects of secondhand smoke! Think about it.
A lot of us take care of our faces, but what about our hands and feet. Your hands and feet are among your hardest working and most visible parts of your body.   The earliest signs of aging will show on your hands guys and girls! The skin on the back of your hands is extremely delicate. This skin is very thin, as there is almost no fat under it at all, which is why the veins are so visible. So here’s two important tips for your hands; it’s good to wear rubber gloves when washing dishes and doing messy housework and adding the routine of exfoliating and moisturizing your hands every day will do wonders.

Healthy feet are also an important part of general well being.  But they don’t always get the same treatment as our beloved hand. As women we treat our hands with manicures, nail art and fancy lotions and creams,  easily neglecting our feet has become a habit which can result in thick yellow toenails that chip easily, dry and peeling skin and moreover just disgusting toenails.

Bear in mind that I’m being superficial on purpose here, because I just wanted to look into beauty. Everyone should know that there’s more to prettiness than physical beauty of course! There is something called personality which is basically the way in which you carry about yourself. On the other hand, our culture can seem very one-dimensional. The only thing is, I don’t know how much of the attractiveness pie is taken up by physical beauty, and how much is taken up by these other things. Maybe that’s a topic for another day.  I would say so, wouldn’t you?
Nel Nel

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