Island Tour – Do You Know These Islands?

It is common to hear about the more popular Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba and others. You might already know the best places to kayak in the US but there are so many other gems out there in the Caribbean Sea that we don’t hear or know that much about. So it’s time for a quick geography lesson. Let’s explore a few of these islands. Though these islands are not independent,  they are still rich with island culture, flavor and music.

Saint Martin and Sint Maarten

Most may not realize that this French and Dutch island consists of two separate countries, the North (Saint Martin) an extension of France and the south (Sint Maarten) which falls under the Dutch Kingdom. Known as the friendly island, there is no visible border to separate north from south and residents and their goods can travel to the other side and back freely. A great picture of harmony, this island has over 120 nationalities inhabiting it.


Bonaire is known as the diver’s paradise with its clear waters and numerous sites for shore diving. There are four main languages Dutch, Papiamentu, English and Spanish. The currency of Bonaire is the US dollar. With a population of approximately 13,000, Bonaire is diverse in cultural influences. Bonaire’s music is rooted in much African influence.


A humble island in the Caribbean, Montserrat is peaceful and serene. Having bounced back from having a modern day Pompeii, the population depleted from over 12,000 to now just over 5000 residents. In 1997 the capital city Plymouth was abandoned after volcanic activity from the previously dormant Soufriere Hills erupted. Under British rule the main language spoken in Montserrat is English and it is also known as the “Emerald Isle of the West”. The currency used in Montserrat is the East Caribbean Dollar.


The main tourist website for Guadaloupe calls it “so French yet undeniably Caribbean”. Guadaloupe is another island for us to pay close attention to. It is made up of five main islands and as an extension of France Guadaloupe carries the Euro as its main currency. Most residents speak in Creole but French and English are also widely spoken throughout the island. Guadaloupe is loved for its French Creole cuisine being rich in flavors and spices.

These islands are just a handful of the islands that are waiting for us to explore, why not visit one today? The Caribbean is a very diverse place, filled with rich heritage, culture and beauty.

Where are you from? And where do you want to go?

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