Jamaica’s PNP Election Defeat Being Assessed With Selected Committee

In aim to determine why they lost the February 25 polls, an 11-member appraisal committee has been named by the now Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) to carry out a formal assessment of its stewardship in government. The team which was introduced for the first time on Wednesday will reach out to the public as it carries out its assessment.

In the elections last month, the PNP lost by a slim margin, winning 31 seats in the 63-seat Parliament to the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) 32. The three areas of scope for their review are the government, party and campaign, as the party said in a statement.

“The review of the Government will assess the impact of the economic reform programme on the population and, specifically, the political communication of the benefits of the economic reform programme,” it said.

The committee will also examine issues related to candidate selection; the party’s core values and message; the roles of the arms and affiliates; the status of party workers; and political education.The review of the campaign will examine issues related to the campaign strategy and message; communications, including social media; and the management structure.

The PNP said an interim report is expected within 30 days and a final report should be submitted by the end of April.

The committee is chaired by Julian Robinson. The other members are: the party’s deputy general secretary Wensworth Skeffery; former justice minister Mark Golding; May Pen Mayor Scean Barnswell; former senator Basil Waite; president of the PNP Youth Organization Andrae Blair; businessmen Noel Sloley Jr and Patrick Casserly; businesswoman Dena Davis; and university lecturers Dr Peter John Gordon and Beverly Shirley.

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