They said he was not good enough but Jermaine ‘Tuffy’ Anderson Saves Reggae Boyz

“Tuffy, Tuffy, Tuffy” was the shout of the few dedicated fans who made it the national stadium to watch The Jamaican National football Team the “Reggae Boys” Play Costa Rica at the National Stadium.

The shouts got louder when Jamaica saw their hopes of going to the World Cup in Brazil dwindle, when they went behind in 74th minute of the game.

To say Jamaicans have been clamoring to have their local hero added to the national team is perhaps the understatement of the year. The Gleaner on June 4th even reported a small protest at the national stadium and in his home community of Granville St James as persons believe he should be a part of the National Squad.

Then national coach and also a resident of St James Theodore Whitmore refused to add ‘Tuffy’ to the squad. Many persons questioned this decision because he was one of the most consistent and prolific strikers in the local league.

“I think they should give me my full chance right now, because everybody else gets their full chance, so give me my full chance,” Anderson bemoaned. “When I lay down in the night, I have been asking God what else I can do, because I don’t know what else to do right now.”

So it was destiny that with a New German Coach, the 33 year old local based player was given a run in the team and he rewarded his coach when he scored on the 90th minute of the game to help Jamaica eke out a 1-all draw.  Interestingly even though Jamaica has an extremely slim chance of qualifying, everyone wanted ‘Tuffy’ to score and when he did, the words on most person’s lips were “I TOLD YOU SO.”

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