Let the Jamaican Athletes Focus

JAMAICA TEAM CAMP PIC 2 e1342963790896 Let the Jamaican Athletes Focus

It is interesting to see the hype surrounding the media and their ability to gain access to athletes as they prepare for the Olympics that begin in five days. The University of Birmingham acts as the training base for the Jamaicans and the media is reporting that they are greeted with closed gates every time they arrive, despite earlier promises, to be given special consideration.

We can understand the media wanting to get the latest information and the inside scoop as to all that is happening because the public demands it but there comes a line. Let the athletes train, report on everything else but let the athletes focus. Most if not all of these athletes have invested all of their life, for moments such as these. The hard work, long training and pain endured cannot be explained and as a result they all want to do well at the Olympic Games.


What do you think? Should the media be given more access to athletes or should the athletes be left alone?

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