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Lornette “Fya Empress” Need | Rum Please

Fya Empress e1341990750126 Lornette Fya Empress Need | Rum Please

Hail ye to the Trinidad and Tobago National Women’s Action Committee Calypso Queen, and recently crowned Ragga Soca Queen Fya Empress. Fya Empress is on Fire this Carnival season. Fya Empress is well known in Tobago working with her Husband in their band Fire Fuzion, in Vincy she is a well-known solo song writer and singer.

Fya Empress is well known for her songs “Water’, “Sak Passe” (Born Bad Riddim), “No Money No Wuk”, most recently “Bam Bam Talk”. For Soca Monarch 2012 she will be competition with her hit song Rum Please. Rum please is every drinkers Anthem. We all know Rum is the drink of choice during Carnival for Vincy Mas it’s their famous Sunset Rum with choice of chaser, or if your bold no chaser atarl. The intro pulls you in then she starts “Tell dem wha yuh want when the big truck passing and the sun burning, when the woman winin and the men dem gridin…..Pass me ah drink ah yuh rum Sunset Strong Rum” .

If you ever watch Fya Empress perform then you know you will have a performance of a life time with passion and energy. I’m looking forward to what cards she will pull to capture what could be her third crown Soca Monarch Queen. Tune in Soca Monarch 2012 for Vincy Mas.

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