Major Drug Bust Made By Jamaica Coast Guard

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Coast Guard yesterday seized approximately 765 pounds of compressed marijuana when it intercepted a vessel off the coast of Westmoreland and held three men – two locals and a Haitian.

A JDF Coast Guard patrol team on board HMJS Cornwall was conducting routine patrols off the coast of Westmoreland when they spotted a blue motor-vessel acting suspiciously. Learn more about what are punitive damages here.

“The Coast Guard team approached the vessel in order to carry out a board and search, when the three men were spotted throwing a number of packages over board. The Coast Guard team recovered five packages that were thrown overboard and another 11 that were still on board. The packages were subsequently found to contain the contraband, leading to the arrest of the three men,” the JDF said.

Several fuel containers with over 150 gallons of fuel were also seized in the drug bust.

The three men were handed over to the narcotics police for processing, while the marijuana was weighed and similarly processed.

The JDF said it’s “strongly suspected” the drug shipment was connected to the ongoing guns-for-drugs trade between Jamaican and Haitian criminals.

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