Miami 2014 Carnival Venue and Dates still not confirmed for Columbus Day weekend

Once again, another North American Caribbean themed Carnival is going through some internal pains. The Miami Broward Carnival committee announced in a published statement that they will be forced to move the Carnival date from the Columbus day weekend to the following weekend. Their explanation (see below) was that the SunLife Stadium will not be available on the regular date but it is logistically the best venue to experience the Carnival culture so they must keep the venue and move the date.


This may make logistic and monetary sense because Carnival is a business but common sense does not seem to prevail from the perspective of the tens of thousands of people that book their long weekend vacation plans around Miami for Columbus day LONG WEEKEND. People want to play mas all day/night Sunday and then chill on the Monday HOLIDAY, which is part of the allure for Carnival weekend. Plus, the big events that are not officially sponsored by the committee are what people also look forward to as a build up the big parade which is one of the best North American experiences after the summer.

Well the bachhannal now start, because the Broward Caribbean Carnival Inc (BCCI) sent out a release that guarantees the Carnival will still occur on Columbus Day weekend… Here is their statement.

Broward Caribbean Carnival Inc. (BCCI) a Broward County Organization will host Carnival 2014 in Broward County.

The community outcry of the Carnival date change has forced BCCI to take immediate action in ensuring that Carnival continues to be celebrated in South Florida on Columbus Day weekend, as it has been celebrated over the last 29 years. At the request of many patrons, stakeholders, and masqueraders BCCI is securing a venue to host Carnival on October 12th, 2014 and continue a South Florida Tradition of Excellence in Mas.


Broward Caribbean Carnival Inc.

They didn’t commit to a venue but we can assume they are looking for something with the proper capacity… Florida is a big place so they must be able to find something… and for those asking to just “put it on the road”, then you may not understand the business of hosting a Carnival. To get police and city support to put ANY type of parade on public roads is a massive monetary undertaking that can not be done without some deep pockets. Will BCCI be able to get the proper funding without the support of the Board? This is where the drama, infighting and rumors begin… stay tuned..

View pics from 2013 Miami Carnival


Here is the press release from the Board of directors for Miami Carnival

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Miami Broward One Carnival Host Committee, Inc., we would like to inform you of a change of date of the 30th Annual Miami Broward Carnival this year from our traditional day of the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend (October 12th) to the following Sunday of October 19th, 2014 at Sun Life Stadium. For the last four years, as a result of a specific request to the NFL, the Dolphins have been scheduled for a bye week on Columbus Day Weekend to accommodate the production of Miami Broward Carnival on that respective Sunday. This year, the NFL was unable to accommodate this request.

In order to preserve the stability and familiarity of a home for the Carnival, the Committee made the challenging decision to utilize the availability of the date for the Stadium rather than to move to other venues unable to accommodate the unique cultural elements of the Carnival, especially amenities for the participating masquerade bands. We will also confirm shortly the dates for our other official Carnival events to be held prior to October 19, including our Junior Carnival Parade, Panorama, Kings & Queens Competition and J’Ouvert.

We welcome the continued support of your institution in our plans for a successful Carnival for the South Florida community. In this regard, we will need the platform of your office to communicate this important news to your constituents and stakeholders with your network. Likewise, we look forward to working with you and these same stakeholders to explore business opportunities with this important cultural tourism event in South Florida.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this announcement, please contact me directly at 305-987-8292. Please continue to follow developments and announcements about Miami Broward Carnival at Thank you for your consideration and unyielding support.

Yours truly,

Joan Hinkson

cc: Todd Boyan, Sun Life Stadium

Ruthven Williams, Executive Director

Marlon A. Hill, General Counsel

All we can say is stay tuned… and you might want to get classic car insurance quote on your airfare.


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