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More Questions than Answers for Jamaica’s Reggae Boys

The Jamaican’s played Antigua and Barbuda on Tuesday in a World Cup Qualifier encounter which ended in a goalless draw. It makes me wonder if this is as a result of the lackluster play of Jamaica or the determination and fight of Antigua and Barbuda. See highlights below.


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Many Jamaican fans were disappointed by the result especially after a more impressive showing a few days earlier against Guatemala. Is this level of criticism being thrown at the Jamaican team and head coach Theodore Whitmore justified because of the result?

Let me first recognize the Antigua and Barbuda team for lifting their play not only against the Jamaicans but in their match before that against the USA. Antigua loss the the game by 3 goals to 1 but despite the score it was evident that not many expected them to just allow 3 goals yet alone score against the giants of CONCACAF. They brought this same determination to the Jamaicans who may have underestimated them and it resulted in a draw. Their team is playing at a level that is higher than most persons expected but this is not the reason why Jamaican fans are irate. It has more to do with the look and the lineup of the Jamaican team.

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No one really knows what team would be the best if ever they needed a win. There are many views and opinions out there but for Jamaica’s sake they are going to need to get the formula right VERY SOON for the rest of the campaign or risk missing the World Cup train to Brazil.

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