OAS Foresees Success For Haitian Democracy Following Legislative Elections On Sunday

Despite some incidents of violence on Sunday during the first round of legislative elections in Haiti, the mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) observed that the elections served as a step forward for Haitian democracy. After a day of observing the entire process, the authorities applauded the devisers are they highlighted that most polling stations were able to conclude their operations as planned. The holding of the elections, which involved the participation of the vast majority of political forces in the Caribbean country, was congratulated by the electoral observation mission (EOM).

The determination of the Provisional Electoral Council was also welcomed by the chief of the observation mission, Enrique Castillo, to advance to the next steps in the electoral process, in a preliminary report. Later in October when the presidential elections will be held, the OAS will then deploy another mission to the first round of voting.

“Yesterday’s election was a step forward in strengthening Haitian democracy,” the chief of mission said.

The former foreign minister of Coast Rica also added that “the work of the mission does not end here.”

Earlier he said that the OAS will maintain its presence in the country until the conclusion of the vote count. The OAS mission consisted of 28 professionals from 12 countries, who on election day visited 171 polling stations in all the departments of Haiti.

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