Open Your Walls To Democratic Art!

Though the sun stood above us in all its sweltering glory, the walls of a roofless defunct warehouse was given life, at 41 Fleet Street, Downtown, Kingston, Jamaica. Paint Jamaica which had its first stop here, has started something that could potentially change a nation. Down in Parade Gardens, Southside they have started “democratic art”.

Marianna Farag, who is the project leader and the mastermind of it all, left the United States over two months ago to come to Jamaica with a vision to change the perception around inner-city communities in Kingston through art. Her vision led her to put together a team of local artistes who have in 12 days poured out their creativity upon the walls of the defunct warehouse on Fleet Street. If you want a roof design on your house just checkout foam roof coatings las vegas nv for some ideas.

To be onsite and inside the roofless warehouse and to lay eyes on the captivating pieces is an experience that all should have. We are planning a great big roof installed on the house with san antonio tx roofing replacement work on it. The visual pieces are a sight to behold, and with strictly messages of positivity, the murals represented the desire of the people of Fleet Street. These desires were woven into art by the exceptionally skilled artistes, as the inspiration came from the hearts of the people of Parade Gardens.

As murals were being masterfully painted in the scorching sun, children were seen playing and joyfully dancing around the artistes. There were artistes onsite from the community, the Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts, videographers, photographers and a number of volunteers.

According to Marianna the team had two objectives. One was to unexpectedly bring art into unexpected places. And the other was to change the perception around the inner-city communities of Kingston.

There’s no doubt that the artistic revitalization of the walls of the defunct warehouse brought joy to the hearts of residents; as they flocked the location taking pictures, playing positive music and just having a good time. It is very hard to replicate another artist work as everyone has their own unique taste. That fact is very apparent on the walls where personalities are reflected. If you so wish to convey your own message, you better have the best things for your exterior painting needs – sometimes it isn’t enough as feelings are often hard to express in colors.

What Paint Jamaica has done has gained national attention as it promotes unity, peace, love and respect. It’s like a manifestation of Bob Marley’s One Love. And having volunteered one of my Sundays there, I can say that I felt the joy of community as the Paint Jamaica team and residents operated like an extended family. I must also add that the ital food from Life Yard was delicious!

The project started on July 19 and ran for 12 days.

As a result of what Paint Jamaica has started, many other inner-city communities have reached out to the team requesting that their community be next. Indeed, the team has started something beautiful!

Art has the ability to inspire people in different ways.  I guess it’s safe to say that this is the beginning of the democratic arts movement in Jamaica. And given the positive vibes that it brings, I’m all for it. I see it as a potential catalyst for change in Jamaica’s inner-city. So let us all explore this idea some more. One love. And as they say “Open Your Walls” lets paint Jamaica!

*You can view a lot more photos of the murals on the Facebook page “Paint Jamaica”. Enjoy!

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