Plane Crashes Off The Coast of Jamaica, Rescue Team Assembled

Jamaican authorities have assembled an emergency team to start a rescue operation for a plane which crashed just off the island’s east coast. Experts say the plane met it’s demise 14 miles east of the island. On Friday afternoon, a Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) helicopter and a coast guard vessel made its way to the location, which according to the US Civil Association Authority (CAA) is being monitored by the US Air Force personnel within the region.

Leroy Lindsay, Head of Jamaica’s Civil Authority indicated that the organization was alerted to the situation at approximately 12:10 pm local time (1:10 pm Eastern Caribbean time).  Lindsay said  “ American air assets were following the aircraft and it was approaching Jamaican air space.” He revealed that shortly after 12:30 pm (1:30 pm Eastern Caribbean time) US officials sent confirmation that the aircraft had entered Jamaican airspace.

The CAA said it advised emergency authorities, defence officials and government sources of the situation and full emergency responses were put into effect. Transport Minisiter Dr. Omar Davies made it known that his main concern was to prevent chaos in populated areas. The aircraft left Rochester, New York  early Friday and was scheduled to land in Naples, Florida. On board were Chief Executive Officer of New York-based Buckingham Properties Laurence Glazer and his wife, Jane.

Official’s suspect the Glazers succumbed to hypoxia, a lack of oxygen caused by a sudden drop in cabin pressure. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had been trying to make contact with the aircraft since 10 am. All attempts have thus far been unsuccessful.



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