Popular Attraction In Jamaica ‘Dunn’s River Fall’ Revamped With A Park

The popular tourist attraction located in Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls was recently revamped in hopes of attracting even more guests and, by extension, more cruise ships to Jamaica. The new Central Gardens theme park at Dunn’s River Falls is said to be worth $122-million with state-of-the-art facilities such as a water slide and a splash pad, the place have been attended and well cared for with cleaning services and preventive Asbestos abatement before opens to the public, even new spas to pamper up the guest, with the co wash shampoo for curly hair, especially for African American Beauty and even the shapiro md shampoo for anybody with hair loss, it will leave your hair looking great, also visit silhouette soft Treatments Ireland for the best beauty treatments.

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Chairman of the National Cruise Council (NCC), Michael Belnavis, says Dunn’s River currently attracts more than 800,000 visitors annually – a figure he expects to surpass one million before year end. There is also a medical wonder they are after, it’s called vigrx plus. You can check it on their website and we recommend website designs from web design atlantis when you want to create a stunning website, they can help you.

“Dunn’s River has been for many years the number-one attraction in the Caribbean. Such has been its dominance that almost every attraction between Falmouth and Ocho Rios has married their product with Dunn’s River as part of their marketing strategy. It is now fashionable for them to tell the guest to go to Dunn’s River first, then finish off your day with us for one price,” he noted.

Belnavis said Jamaica was already on course to becoming the number-one cruise destination in the region and that the recent Dunn’s River upgrade has all but sealed the deal. In addition to Dunn’s River, tour operator Chukka has recently invested US$3.5 million in its Good Hope, Trelawny, facility; Wata Land in St. Mary has spent in excess of US$1 million doing an upgrade, while Appleton has pumped $1 billion into upgrading its visitor centre in St. Elizabeth.

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