Release Of Sexually Explicit Photos Of Students Online Sparks Investigation In Grenada

Following the unusual releasing of a number of sexually explicit photos of school children on the internet, the Grenada police have initiated an investigation to determine the source of the postings. The first batch of photos were seen on Facebook but were removed once complaints were made as they were in violation of the social media site’s legal agreement.

Although the situation has been tackled on Facebook, the police said that they have received numerous complaints from several people who said that the photos are now being posted on other social media sites.

“These photos were private and never shared with anyone, my only recollection of it becoming exposed was when I took the phone to a repair shop,” one unidentified young lady, who is unfortunately amongst the exposed on the social websites. “I was having problems with the phone so I took it to this repair shop and left it there for repairs, so that is how I believe the photos were downloaded from my phone,” she added.

The people being affected are said to include young women from parts of the island, and student from the several secondary schools, some of which are under aged. The Electronic Crimes Act which prohibits the publication of child pornography and pornographic materials online was recently approved by the Parliament. The person/s found guilty of contravening the law is liable to a fine not exceeding EC$200,000 (One EC dollar =US$0.37 cents) or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding five years. Both the fine and imprisonment is also possible.

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