Send Me A Money Nuh?

There’s this new trend where people from the Caribbean diaspora who lives either in the United States of America, Canada or the United Kingdom, are making videos expressing their frustration and disdain with their family and friends in the Caribbean who constantly asks them for money and other favors. The videos that they have made are starting to go viral.

Some of these videos are hilarious, but they all have an element of truth to them.

These individuals were being serious. And the truth is, for those who hail from the Caribbean and have migrated overseas, or went there temporarily, they would have felt the frustration of being asked for favors or money to some degree. Their relatives or friends back home, are of the impression that living overseas is tantamount to living in a land where money grow on trees and life is a bed of roses.

The truth is, that belief is far from reality. Living overseas, is not as easy as living in the Caribbean. A person has to work hard to survive and you better make sure you pay your rent, especially in the winter months! Landing good jobs aren’t always that easy and there’s virtually nothing free. If you want a mango, you’re going to have to go to the market and buy it. Whilst in the Caribbean you can simply climb a tree and pick a dozen mango if you’d like.

The frustration of foreigners who are from the Caribbean diaspora, is that relatives and friends back home just don’t understand the struggle they face and ask for money and favors unceasingly without remorse. The ones overseas often complain that even when they explain that life is hard overseas, those back home don’t buy it. They also complain that instead of asking for money to start a small business or to go to school to add value to themselves, they are asking for money to buy frivolous things or requesting the latest gadget or cellphones.

Most islanders who have never ventured overseas will not understand the challenge. They don’t understand the fact that you have to work harder to keep up with your bills and abide by the laws of the land or suffer the consequences.

In the videos that have been circulating the foreigners suggested that if you’re going to ask for financial assistance from a relative or friend overseas, unless it’s an emergency, you should inform them of your ambition of how you plan to take care of yourself in future or your intention to start something rewarding (like a business) with the money you are requesting. Also, it would be nice to call them once in a while, to find out how they are doing without having an ulterior motive of “begging them something”.

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