Sophistication Surrounded by Water

A few years ago I was asked by someone overseas, as to whether there were tall building and internet on Caribbean islands … and you could imagine my reaction. If I hadn’t used this individual’s computer to surf the ‘net I would strongly be of the view that he had no idea what the internet was.

In my experience, and that of other Islanders, it would appear that a certain percentage of people that hail from some first world countries, believe that, third world countries located in the Caribbean, only have coconut trees, white sand and huts. No electricity, no cable, no internet and no tall buildings. And of course that is not the reality of the vast majority of Caribbean islands.

The islands these days are sophisticated. We do have tall buildings, luxury cars, internet, cable, movie theatres, malls and all that good stuff – heck we even have solar panels! So, being in the Caribbean isn’t completely ‘a swing in the jungle on a vine like Tarzan,’ kind of experience. I really hope there isn’t anyone out there that is still of this view. I would definitely blame such a disconnect from reality to the depiction of Caribbean countries in certain movies.

On the flip side it’s fun to see first time Caribbean visitors blown away by the lush of our islands. I know I keep bragging about how beautiful our islands are, but it’s the truth. We live where hundreds of thousands of people vacation! It’s remarkable though that many first world countries citizens have never heard about many of our Caribbean islands. I think this lack of knowledge might be a good thing, because it speaks of untapped markets.

My suggestion to the creative geniuses out there, who are in the film industry is to invest in movies that accurately depicts our Caribbean culture. That would be a good way to give our tourism industry a boost, by attracting new tourists by the droves through these features. Then again, what do I know?

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