St. Kitts & Nevis PM Says Former Labour Administration Ran A Dual Economy

Recently, the former St. Kitts and Nevis Labour administration led by Denzil Douglas was accused of having run both a formal and an informal economy. Last week at his new conference, Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris made the allegation where he condemned some of the dual economy practices alleged to have been engaged in by the former administration.

At the time, Harris was responding questions about the Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

“The CPL, like CARIFTA, represents in my view, something about the way the past government did things. We went into government, and found that two critically important events that could impact the country and impact its external relations with others, there was nothing provided in the budget. Nothing in the budget in the ministry of sports with respect to CPL, nothing in relation to CARIFTA,” he shared. “Did the outgoing administration intend to host them, and is there another that would have dealt with them? Because we have come to believe that the government operated in ways, you have a formal economy and an informal economy, and there are times when you look at the government, it was that kind of informal creature that seemed to have been controlling the government.”

According to the prime minister, there was much correction to be made as there was a telling lack of accountability.

“A lot of things that ought to go through the formal system of government don’t go there, so [the] financial secretary can’t help you when you’re having a particular conversation. Nothing like that in her budget. Maybe somebody else’s budget. Maybe a slush fund like SIDF. Maybe that would become the creature, and that was the part of the challenge of accountability that we sought to press on the minds of the people that the people will lose when the government does not respect systems procedure and protocol,” Harris continued.

The prime minister said that based on the manner in which the former administration operated his government has discovered that there is great need for discipline and control.

“I could tell you a lot more commitments that have been made on behalf of the people, on behalf of the government for which the citizens of this country know nothing about. The citizens do not know that their lands have been committed, that special exclusive arrangements have been made in their name, and a callous and irresponsible government refused to bring them to the public. In the fullness of time we will have that conversation,” he remarked.

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