Tessanne Chin’s Epic Performance on American Talent Show The Voice (Video Inside)

“You can easily win this competition” was the consensus of all the judges after what was a sensational performance by Tessanne Chin. The performance began with a really interesting feature which showed her island home Jamaica. She was also greeted by Reggae Legend and her mentor Sir Jimmy Cliff who wished her all the best. Tessanne Chin performed the song ‘Try’ by Pink in her blind auditions and she had all the Judges fighting for her before completing her first verse.

Tessanne was accompanied by her husband as well as her father, it was a proud moment indeed for anyone in the Caribbean. You song that song like a grown woman said Cee lo, “I am a grown woman” replied Tessanne. When the Judges asked, have you been singing a long time? Tessanne Replied “that is my bread and butter back home.” The judges all made a pitch to get her, in the end she opted for Adam Levine, who showed the most interest and stated that his favorite genre of music was reggae.

Congrats to Tessanne on showcasing her talent to a global audience on THE VOICE !

We have been waiting ever since we heard about the audition

Details: Tessanne Chin Auditions for the voice 

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