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The Battle of the Sprints | Jamaica vs USA

The Beijing Olympics in 2008 saw a real shift in power of the sprint events towards a little Caribbean Nation by the name of Jamaica. Before then, the Americans had made the medals for the sprint events at the Olympics their entitlement.

The athletics competition of the London Olympics will begin this Friday and whether either of the two nations admits it, the feud for dominance of the sprint events is in high gear. The whole world will have its eyes on London to see who will win the battle. The USA is out for revenge and has lined up some impressive pieces for the very difficult mission. The Jamaicans have remained cool, calm and collected and are waiting to fend off the enemies.

Alison Felix became one weapon the Jamaicans must fear after winning her 200m at the USA trials in an astounding and mind blowing 21.69 seconds. The beloved Veronica Campbell-Brown has been handed the opportunity to stop Felix for the third time at an Olympic Game.

ja vs usa The Battle of the Sprints | Jamaica vs USA

Jeter is expected to be quick and strong and will be up against the explosive Shelly-Ann Fraser. Expect Fireworks in the making.

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The Jamaicans will strike with Bolt at the heart of the attack. Many may question his form or his ability to start well but one thing you never question is the heart of a Champion. The Jamaicans are not taking any chances and will be carrying along with Bolt, his side kick by the name of Yohan Blake who has been taught all the tactical advantages by the mentor, Coach Mills, just as Bolt has been taught.

bolt blake The Battle of the Sprints | Jamaica vs USA

Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin could not have been better choices to handle the likes of Bolt and Blake. Instead of going younger, the Americans have went with experience. The two great athletes know what it will take to beat the Jamaicans. Just in case they are able to get by both Bolt and Blake, the Jamaicans will play the Trump Card, who can do no wrong, Mr. Asafa Powell.

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The Track events are the highlights of the Olympics for the Caribbean and London will be no different. There will be many individual athletes from across the World looking to win medals but the Sprint Battle between the Jamaicans and Americans will be an unspoken event happening at the London Olympics. Don’t you miss it.

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