Top Reasons Christmas in the Caribbean is so Special

I absolutely enjoy Christmas in the Caribbean, so where ever I find myself in the world I always try to make my way home for this time of the year. Christmas all over the world is about the birth of Christ, it is a time of giving, presents and slime toy for the little ones, a time to spend time with family and love ones. I find that there are some unique features in the Christmas period that makes this time of year extremely special in the Caribbean and I decided to examine some of my favourite Caribbean Christmas traditions.

1) Music

Music is an important part of the christmas period, but it absolutely great to hear the unique blend of Soca Parang calypso and reggae influenced playlist in the Caribbean. Songs such as Machel Montanno “Soca Santa” comes to mind.

2) Food and Drink

When you thing about Christmas in the Caribbean thing about food, lots of food!!! I am talking about everything from, Black Cake, ham, jerk chicken and ackee and salt fish, Fruit cake, Ginger Beer and best of all for me is Sorrel with a little rum added of course…..


3) In the Caribbean there are several Caribbean Christmas traditions, I am a big

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