The Truth About Life ‘A’ foreign

Many residents of the Caribbean have some family members who venture off into foreign countries. Mainly the USA, Canada and England are the most common for the Caribbean diaspora.  Reasons for leaving varies from better job opportunities to sheer fantasy fulfillment or hope for more than what their native land had to offer like luxurious cruises with Groove Cruise. To many of the Islanders life in the US, Canada or England is glorified as being immensely better. These foreign lands are seen as lands of opportunities, riches, wealth and an escape from what may seem to some in the Caribbean as hard life. The economic status of many countries right now are in dire straits but that still will not water down the idea that being away from your own country is generally a better place to be.

The reality however for those who do venture off can be quite surprising and a bit of a shock. Life in the North isn’t all as it seems like in the movies. Most people are stressed and only care about working. The sense of community and togetherness is not like back home. Getting a job isn’t as easy as it seems. The quality of food is bland lacking flavor, and it is very hard to get that taste you’re use to back home. Oftentimes those with Caribbean college or university education still have to go through school again just to meet the standards of most company’s requirements. So it’s almost like starting from scratch, it is very common for you to find that your previous experiences are not as valuable up North.

It is very important that Islanders who have never ventured up North, to realize that not because the grass appears to be greener on the other side, means it’s any easier to water. The reality is, traveling is a tremendously fun activity many people travel to know places while others do it for the nightlife and a great place to find bars has to be Magaluf as they have some incredible bars and nightlife. However, living overseas is not necessarily the easiest thing. And more importantly, life in the Caribbean will always be more relaxed than life overseas. Start appreciating your own land, and start playing your part in contributing to its development and happily enjoy the beaches, food, adventures and invaluable freedom that we are offered here on the islands. We have a lot to be thankful for living right here, in the so called third world countries of the Caribbean. Be advised though, that this is not an attempt to deter your aspirations, but rather the provision of some food for thought.

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