Vincy Day USA Here to Stay!

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August 18, 2012 was a great day for Vincentians living in America. It marks a historic time for all Vincentians local and abroad to come together with their families and have a joyous time. Vincy Day was brought to the people by the Consulate General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Junior “Soca” Jones, and Ainsley Primus. For many years there were whispers of a Vincy Day in the USA, however it was believed to be a mere dream. Many can say this dream is now reality. It rained so heavy Saturday morning, I myself had doubts and thought the event would be postponed, but if rain can’t stop Carnival why should it stop Vincy Day. I now view that rain as showers of blessings for many VIncy Days to come. As previously stated Vincy Day wasn’t an overnight venture, it was an event that took years of preparation.


The Vincentian diaspora wanted to come together as one, not just for Carnival, or for a boat ride but for a family day, much like the one that occurs annually in Canada on Thousand Island. Many living in America cannot travel to Canada for numerous reasons so having a Vincy Day in America was very ideal.  After months of preparation and advertising the word got out and after Vincy mas and Thousand Island people had something new to look forward to, Vincy Day USA. There was a live band, performances by Lively, Philly Dilly, Winston SoSo, and Scorcher. There was food in epic proportion (vendors selling food, and people brought food from home I myself made an abundance of food), games and most of all people in solidarity showing love and peace and Vincentian pride. As I walked through the park I was amazed to see how many new faces were there. People came as far north as Canada, as far south as St. Vincent, as far west as Hawaii, and as far east as England. The part that touched me the most was to reunite with family I hadn’t seen in ages. Love was felt throughout the park. There was people all over the place, even I Search people in California to find people and reconnect with them.

There were several vendors local and abroad who were present. AI Real Estate, David’s Bakery was present along with many other entrepreneurs like Village Bakery and other food companies. I believe that’s what sold this event, seeing people you hadn’t seen in ages, networking and meeting new people, seeing out entrepreneurs and supporting them, and meeting our talented artist face to face. Everyone were equal, no one was higher than the other. The Ambassador to St. Vincent Camillo Gonsalves was present, he gave a lovely speech reminding those who cannot go home this was the perfect opportunity to feel at home, and indeed it did.

As successful Vincy day was in 2012, I know it will be ten times bigger and better in 2013. I know certainly I will be present, this time early with my tent in hand to get a closer spot with all the action. Who knows maybe islandmix, or julianspromos will have a big bus going there as well. Take Care God Bless!

Chandy Ablaze

Born and raised in Brooklyn with strong Vincy roots. My summers all spent in Vincy land, (yes Vincy is my home away from home. big Up Mespo, and Vermont). My first love was always helping others and promoting my beautiful culture. I first stepped on the scene as a writer/ photographer for West Indian Soul magazine. Years later I wrote for Caribbean Band Network. Now I begin my journey with Julian’s promotions, promoting my culture through interviews and writing. Come along with me on my journey share my joy and see what we have in store for you. Smooches peace and love Chandy Ablaze

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