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Vincy Mas | Soca Monarch 2012

Well what can I say? It’s that special time again for Vincentians, and Carnival lovers Vincy mas 2k12 the hottest carnival. Vincy mas run from June 29th- July 10th. The launching of Carnival begins May 5th. For the soca lovers out there we’ve heard some great ragga soca (also known to some as groovy soca), and fast pace soca (also known as power soca). This past weekend was Ragga Soca competition where Fya Empress captured the crown with her hit tune “Bam Bam Talk”, she dethroned Skarpyon placing him the second place slot with his tune “Wine’n” and Boamani in 3rd with “Sagga Boy”. Soca Monarch will be this weekend July 7th the most anticipated show for the entire Carnival season.

This year was a bit controversial, Skinny Fabulous, and Fire Man Hooper threaten to boycott the competition. By popular demand from Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves both Skinny and Fire Man put their differences to the side and have entered the competition. Here are the contenders running against Delroy “Fire Man” Hooper. Some names may not ring a bell but I’m sure you are familiar with each artists work. Here is a rundown of some artist, please don’t take offense if I didn’t write anything for you. Hope you tune into the live link for Vincy Mas Soca Monarch 2012 the hottest carnival in the Caribbean.

Chandy Ablaze

Born and raised in Brooklyn with strong Vincy roots. My summers all spent in Vincy land, (yes Vincy is my home away from home. big Up Mespo, and Vermont). My first love was always helping others and promoting my beautiful culture. I first stepped on the scene as a writer/ photographer for West Indian Soul magazine. Years later I wrote for Caribbean Band Network. Now I begin my journey with Julian’s promotions, promoting my culture through interviews and writing. Come along with me on my journey share my joy and see what we have in store for you. Smooches peace and love Chandy Ablaze

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