Wi-Fi Programme To Be Introduced In Schools Located In Remote Areas By Guyana Government

By the end of the first quarter of 2016, secondary schools in the hinterland and remote areas will be able to benefit from a Wi-Fi programme that is being rolled out in Guyana. According to eGovernment Advisor, Floyd Levi, the unit has also been mandated to reach all tertiary educational institutes to provide internet access. It has been said that a pilot has already been implemented at President’s College to determine what might be required of other schools.

“What it does is that it gives them access to the eGovernment network, not just for internet access but for all government applications that we will publish on the network,” Mr. Levi explained.

The advisor assured that usage of the Wi-Fi service is monitored to ensure students’ safety and control. Similarly, the unit is actively offering its service to students in the hinterland and remote areas, who have limited or no access to the internet. In an attempt to change this, he said that work has already commenced in the Paramakatoi, Region Eight area.

“Some of the subjects that are taught at the CXC levels require that School Based Assessments are submitted online and the students who live here at are a disadvantage with that so we are trying to fix this. The ground work is currently being done and we are working towards getting all elements in place. We have a very ambitious plan for the hinterland and remote areas,” he said.

The government ministries, agencies and public buildings are also slated to benefit as plans are being made for the institutions to be outfitted with Wi-Fi to accommodate visitors.

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