X-Factor, The Voice, “Everyone Wants to Sing a Bob Marley Song” (videos)

Recently, I was introduced to Souli Roots, she made it through to the Next round of the British X-Factor with her rendition of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” To be blatantly honest, I loved the performance but I could not by any stretch of the imagination say this is the best vocal performance I have ever heard, and that’s putting it lightly. The greatest thing however is that this performance allowed her to advance to the next stage of British X-Factor and It was entertaining stuff , see video below.


I have been doing a bit of research and I have discovered she was not the only one from one of these popular talent shows who have done this. An Artist simply named Lenny Ripped Holland’s The Voice with this performance of No Woman Nuh Cry


Perhaps one of the best performance I have heard was Moni Tivony performing  that very same song “No Woman Nuh Cry” for The Voice UK 2013, If you have not seen this before then this is a must watch, impressive stuff.


X-Factor Australia should not be left out Matt Gresham performance No Woman No Cry in the 2012 Auditions is perhaps one of the most memorable auditions in Australia.



Bob Marley did say “Dem  ago tired fi see me face” and was he correct! Great stuff if you asked me; which performance is your favourite?

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  • milla

    Mitchell Brunings with Redemption song. He is a contestant from The Voice Netherlands