Zoelah Boyde | Cyah Move Meh

zoelah e1342023589469 Zoelah Boyde | Cyah Move Meh

Zoelah has made herself a name on the soca scene. She first stepped out as a solo artist with her song “Kickin Dust”. Who could forget her chart topping song “Go Down Low”, then “Wine up on Me” where she captured the Trinidad Groovy Monarch  in 2009 where she placed 4th .

Zoelah is a spectacular artist, who always makes an impact on any stage she touches leaving an incessant impression, where many truly never forget who she is.  “Cyah Move Meh”  is a creeper but a very catchy tune.  “Move out de way,  Get out de way, Cyah hold me back everybody getting bad, too bad mind this is we time.” The jab jab beat, fierce lyrics, and strong persona of Zoelah should carry this song.

Let’s see how well she can move everyone in Victoria Park and make an impact on the road. Let’s see if she captures the crown at the 2012 Soca Monarch.

Listen to Zoelah Boyde songs for 2012 here at Islandmix.com.

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