Welcome to Post Carnival Relief 2010 by Private Ryan

Track list

1. No behaviour Machel Montano
2. No Behaviour Precision Rd mix Machel Montano
3. Doan Hold me Back Rd Mix Machel Montano
4. Fetting On Skinny fabulous & Machel Montano
5. I Pay For This Rd Mix Farmer nappy & Machel Montano
6. Road Show Patrice Roberts
7. Heaven Kes & Nadia Batson
8. Heaven Precision Rd Mix Kes & Nadia Batson
9. Melee Scratch Master Rd Mix Kes
10. Melee Kes
11. Zombie Blaxx
12. D Beast Leggo Skinny Fabulous
13. Palance SMJ Rd Mix JW & Blaze
14. Palance JW & Blaze
15. Police Shal Marshall & Screws
16. Police Rd Mix Shal Marshall & Screws
17. True Lies Fay Ann Lyons
18. True Lies Scratch Master Rd Mix Fay Ann Lyons
19. Hunting Rd Mix Blaxx
20. Hunting Blaxx
21. Mad Carnival Bunji Garlin
22. Pipe Patch
23. Pipe Remix Patch & Denise Belfon
24. Ah Something Fay Ann Lyons
25. Gutter Lavaman
26. Wicked Jab Talpree
27. Indrani Moses Charles
28. In Front of me Umi Marcano
29. Bubble Makamillion
30. Roll Out of Control Orlando Octave
31. Waistline Roll Patrice Roberts
32. Wine to the Back Alison Hinds
33. Hot Like Pepper Machel Montano & Serani
34. Call Me Bunji Garlin & Fay Ann lyons
35. Careful Lil Bits
36. Murdah Shurwayne Winchester
37. Slow Wine Machel Montano
38. Wuk Up Patrice Roberts
39. Wine on Yuh Farmer Nappy & General Grant
40. Ah Drinka Ravi B
41. Barman Rikki Jai
42. All Night Scratchmaster Rd Mix Statement
43. All Night Rocky ft Buffy
44. All Over The Gal Lyrikal
45. All Over the Gal Remix Lyrikal & Alison Hinds
46. Theifin Machel Montano
47. Not Going Hom Machel Montano
48. Pavement Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Dubois
49. Pavement Rd Mix Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Dubois
50. Bumper to Fender Machel Montano
51. Ramajay Machel Montano
52. Driftin Chucky
53. Best Time 3 Suns
54. Summer Body Skinny Fabulous
55. Staggerah Fox
56. Hot Sun & Riddim Rd Mix TC
57. Start Wining Fay Ann Lyons
58. Start Wining Remix Fay Ann Lyons & Busy Signal
59. Party Hard Donaeo & Problem Child
60. Nah Go Play Swappi
61. Whoii Gal Whoii Doc Jes Remix Machel Montano & Busy Signal
62. Whoii Gal Whoii Tegereg Remix Machel Montano & Busy Signal
63. Steam CC feat Benjai & Kernell Roberts
64. Anything Buffy
65. Higher Mas - Zan

Welcome to Post Carnival Relief 2010

by Private Ryan

Relieves post carnival depression. Side effects include: carnival flashbacks, uncontrollable waist movement, lack of behaviour, spontaneous palancing

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