Welcome to SURVIVING THE DROUGHT by eXile di brave

Track list

1) news of drought

2) in the desert

3) braveheart anthem

4) open love

5) get a life (dont blame badmind)

6) bad police

7) all of me feat. freeze

8) yu want XXx

9) away from here feat. moyhel

10) hard working feat. big red

11) react (carry on) feat. jodee & pluggie tha narrator

12) fanz props

13) surviving interlude

14) staying afloat feat. jodee

15) party everyday feat. sparks & freeze

16) nothing like love

17) sunday

18) gone

19) look what the cat dragged in remix feat. giggs

20) rude bwouy

21) forever remix

22) what makes sense interlude

23) the next song


by eXile di brave

well this mixtape is the third mixtape done by exile di brave in two years. it is mainly a danchall/reggae mix, but has a little hip hop/ pop island type of feel. "SURVIVING THE DROUGHT" expalins the tales of exile di brave's life and his surroundings. so its a must have for real listeners.

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