Welcome to Soca Party Mix 2011 (on d road) by Musical Mix

Track list

01.Machell------Megga Mix
02.Advantage ---- Machel Montano
03.Come To Me ---- Iwer George
04.Hold A Burn ---- Bunji Garland
05.Consider It Done ---- Fay-Ann
06.Get Outter My Way ---- Busy Signal
07.Illegal ---- Machel Montano
08.Hard Wuk ---- Machel Montano
09.Damn Phone ---- Patch
10.Wuk Me ---- Patrice Robert
11.Charge Up---(remix) ---- Skinny Fabulous /Machell Montano
12.We Ready ---- Fay-Ann/Problem Child
13.Me Alone ---- Bunji Garland
14.Single ---- General Grant
15.Center Wave ---- Ghetto Flex
16.Doh Drag D Flag ---- Shall Marchell
17.Wild And Frisky --- JW. And Blaze
18.Obeah --- Pelf
19.Dusty ----Pelf
20.Posse ---- Preston
21.We Not Leaving ---- Nadia Batson /Patrice Roberts
22.Paparazz --- Shurwayne Winchester
23.Road Calling --- Shurwayne Winchester
24.Fete Hard --- Kess

Welcome to Soca Party Mix 2011 (on d road)

by Musical Mix

Soca Party I-Pod Mix

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