Welcome to Best of Cropover and Spice Mas 2012 by Credable

Track list

1 Wuk It Up Bad*
By Hypersounds
2 Feel It
By Richie Rich
3 Switching
By Sanctuary
4 Spice Isle Summer
By Shortpree
5 Wet Fete
By Shortpree
6 Conducta
By Dutty Android
7 Down To De Ground
By Dutty Android
8 Jump
By Rdx
9 Drop D Bumper
By Scrilla
10 De Contest
By Lil' Rick
11 Boost Her Up
By Koshens
12 Crank It
By Peter Ram
13 More Iron
By Alison Hinds
14 Pushing It
By Edwin Yearwood
15 No Getaway
By Blaxx
16 I Like Muhself*
By Lil' Rick
17 Jonesing Again
By Lil' Rick
18 Bliss
By Big Red
19 We Want Drinks
By Big Red & Lil Rick
20 Feeling It
By Luni Spark & Electrify
21 Carnival Journey
By Shortpree
22 Body Working
By Kes D Band
23 Ato Engoma
By Benjai
24 Panty & Bra
By Dj Np
25 Ah Wukin
By Lavaman
26 Gyal Alone
By Lavaman
27 Jab Signature
By Tallpree
28 Mas Like Rain
By Lavaman & Mr Legs
29 Oil Down
By Tallpree
30 Film A Movie Part 1
By Mr Killa & Superman
31 Film A Movie Part 2
By Mr Killa
32 Born To Mash Up
By Mr Killa & Superman
33 Food
By Log On
34 Psycho
By Lavaman
35 Monster
By Skinny Fabulous
36 Ravers
By Lil' Rick
37 Drop It
By Lil' Rick
38 Mmmm
By Edwin Yearwood
39 Dont Tell We Nutin
By Lil' Rick
40 Bubble Like She
By Lil' Rick
41 Party
By Peter Ram
42 Cozy Corner
By Gorg

Welcome to Best of Cropover and Spice Mas 2012

by Credable

The best from Barbados Cropover and Grenada Spice mas! www.ReleaseDRiddim.com Mixed by Credable

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