Welcome to Crop Over Bacchanal 2012 Ragga Soca Edition Vol 1 by Baje Man 3D

Track list

1.King Bubba- We want Drinks Intro
2.Kerwin Dubois- Bachannal
3.Mr Vegas- Bruk It Down
4.Konshens- Gyal Ah Bubble Remix
5.Lil Rick- Work Plate Remix
6.King Bubba Feat Lil Rick- We Want Drinkz
7.Edwin Yearwood- Work That Thing
8.Big Red- Bliss 'Perfect Happiness'
9.Khiomal- Get Loose
10.Malcolm X, Ramo and Stlyes P- Soca Hangover
11.Lil Rick & Alan Shephard- Wave Anthem
12.Lil Rick- I Like Myself
13.Lil Rick- Jonesing Again
14.Statement- Get On De Road
15.Mr.Dale- Galore
16.Lil Rick- Waistline Energy
17.Lil Rick & Benjai- Cyan Bother We
18.Straw Hat Posse Get Set
19.Statement No Madman( We Love 2 party)
20.Red Plastic Bag Feting
21.Blood Dah Fuh Lick Yuh Louder Album
22.Mikey feat Destra We Loose (Remix)
23.Biggie Irie Mass
24.Problem Child Ft Patrice Roberts Love Me Carnival Banjo Power Riddim
25.Alison Hinds Baddy Banjo Power Riddim
26.Alison Hinds Gals Want More Iron Island Mas Riddim
27. Blaxx No Getaway Island Mas Riddim
28. Edwin Yearwood Pushing It Island Mas Riddim
29. Hypasounds Wuk It Up Bad
30.Yannick Hooper Undecided
31.Edwin Yearwood & Alison Hinds Hit A Nerve
32 Sanctuary Switchin
33.TC Whole Day
34. Natahlee Good Wukka Man
35.Mexican Ft Alison, Blood & Indrani Pan Fusion Cane Juice Riddim
36.Khiomal I Remember Cane Juice Riddim
37.Lorenzo I Come To Party Cane Juice Riddim
38.Wind Chaser Rave And Wave Cane Juice Riddim
39.BoBo Feat. Fadda Fox Paint (Epic)
40.Peter Ram & Shanta Prince Do Road
41.Basil Yard Bounce Around
42.Peter Ram Bajan 2 the World Red Rum Riddim
43.Phillip 7 Feat. Skinny Fabulous Bend Ya Back (DJ Dee Refix)
44.B-Roca No Behavyuh Pawdie Riddim
45.B-Roca Wining Proper Pawdie Riddim
46.Fadda Fox Naughty Girls Pawdie Riddim
47.Orlando Octave Trini Gyal Pawdie Riddim
48.Peter Ram Headtop Fuh Hundred Pawdie Riddim
49.Big Red Mash It Up "Damage It" Sample Mania Riddim
50.Destra Rough Stuff Sample Mania Riddim
51.Gorg Breck It Off Sample Mania Riddim
52.Skinny Fabulous Shut Ya Mouth Sample Mania Riddim
53.Lil Rick Bashment Sample Mania Riddim
54.Lil Rick Leggings & Jeggings Blue Diesel Riddim
55.LIL Rick Talk Plate (Shiloh Sound) Blue Diesel Riddim
56.Answar Bounce To This Blue Diesel Riddim
57.Salt We Party Blue Diesel Riddim
58.Skinny Fabulous Hello Blue Diesel Riddim
59.Bunji Garlin "No Worry Bout Me" Blue Diesel Riddim
60.Crimeson Throw A Tantrum BLUE DIESEL RIDDIM
61.Dutty Android & Marzville Down To The Ground
62.Dutty Android Conduckta Peechink Riddim
63.Unda Dawg I Like Dat
64.Lil Rick Every Party
65.Konshens Boost Har Up Dragon Berry Riddim
66.Peter Ross Crank Dragon Berry Riddim
67.Lil Rick Contest Dragon Berry Riddim
68.B-Roca We Drinkin' Chippin Riddim
69.Kirk Brown Ain't Want To Go Home Chippin Riddim
70.Katalyst Choir
71.Blood And Hypasounds Any & Everything Louder Album
72.Edwin Yearwood Sweetalicious
73.Richie Rich Feel It
74.Hypasounds & Alison Hinds Sweetness In Me
75.Bunji Garlin Wedding Ring Dutty Bungle Riddim
76.Fay-ann lyons Gyal Run Out Dutty Bungle Riddim
77.Peter Ross feat Bunji Garlin How Ya So -REMIX Dutty Bungle Riddim
78.Fantom Dundeal My Time
79.Lil Rick Bubble Like She Slow Wine Riddim
80.Peter Ram Party Slow Wine Riddim

Welcome to Crop Over Bacchanal 2012 Ragga Soca Edition Vol 1

by Baje Man 3D

Crop Over Bacchanal Ragga Soca Edition 2012.. Features some of the best Caribbean Artist. Artist such as Alison Hinds, Lil Rick, Fantom Dundeal, Blood, Mikey, TC, Mr Dale, Biggie Irie, Dutty Android, Edwin Yearwood, King Bubba, Konshens and more. For promotional use only support the artist by purchasing their music.

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