Welcome to DJ Versatile Soca 2013 preview mix by DJ Versatile "The riddim driver"

Track list

Track 1: (Wonda woman riddim) Megan Walrond-Fete forever
Track 2: (Wonda woman riddim) Nadia Batson-Handle it
Track 3: (Wonda woman riddim) Teri Lyons-We cyah stop
Track 4: (Wonda woman riddim) Patrice Roberts-Spread ah little more
Track 5: (Vip riddim) Terror kid & Nekoyan-Bumpa roll
Track 6: (Vip riddim) Ricardo Drue-Inside the jam
Track 7: (Vip riddim) Edwin Yearwood-Pardon me
Track 8: (Vip riddim) Patrice Roberts-Bubble
Track 9: (Stag riddim) Swappi-Fancy thong
Track 10: (Stag riddim) Kes-Bring it to me
Track 11: (Stag riddim) Halo the young Pharoah-Jiggle de buunkie
Track 12: (Stag riddim) Fya Empress-Rollin hard
Track 13: (Stag riddim) Deuce man-Squeeze de ting
Track 14: (Stag riddim) Bunji Garlin-Touchless
Track 15: (Project 5 riddim) Michele X-If you want to
Track 16: (Project 5 riddim) Patrice Roberts-Permission granted
Track 17: (Project 5 riddim) Denise Belfon-Winning queen
Track 18: (Project 5 riddim) Machel Montano-Life of the party
Track 19: (Project 5 riddim) Benjai-Feter
Track 20: (Phantom riddim) Nadia Batson-Manager
Track 21: (Phantom riddim) Bunji Garlin-Changes
Track 22: (Phantom riddim) Shurwayne Winchester-Tobago love
Track 23: (Island mas riddim) General degree-Fire in the party
Track 24: (Island mas riddim) Teri Lyons-Carry on
Track 25: (Island mas riddim) Blaxx-No getaway
Track 26: (Island mas riddim) Allison Hinds-gyal want more iron
Track 27: (Island mas riddim) Edwin Yearwood-Pushing it
Track 28: (Island mas riddim) Fayann Lyons-We doing dis owah
Track 29: (Full throttle riddim) Jus10 Ward-Work it
Track 30: (Full throttle riddim) Inches-Wuk up
Track 31: (Full throttle riddim) Destra Garcia-Handle the riddim
Track 32: (Full throttle riddim) Bunji Garlin-None like this
Track 33: (Full throttle riddim) Allison Hinds & Mr. Dale-Maddest ting
Track 34: (Full throttle riddim) Swappi-Party vibes
Track 35: (D Gaping riddim) Rita Jone-Cyah tie me down
Track 36: (D Gaping riddim) Ricochae-Stamina
Track 37: (D Gaping riddim) Kimba Sorzano-Undercover lover
Track 38: (D Gaping riddim) Ace Major-Step out
Track 39: (D Gaping riddim) Blaxx-no sah
Track 40: (D Gaping riddim) Patrice Roberts-Hold him
Track 41: Zuki & Tim Tim-Doh beat that
Track 42: (About time riddim) Ragga-Whine for your country (Roadmix)
Track 43: Patrice Roberts-Ah little wine (Bad company remix)
Track 44: Kerwin Du Bois-Fete of the year
Track 45: Machel Montano-She Ready
Track 46: Zan-Shake de ground
Track 47: Patrice Roberts-Gimme it
Track 48: Prophet Benjamin-Another one
Track 49: Allrounder-Go Down
Track 50: Shadow-Lets dance
Track 51: Shadow-Doh mix meh up
Track 52: Cassie-Bam Bam
Track 53: Farmer Nappy-Minglin
Track 54: K. Rich-Wine back
Track 55: Kes the band-Come for dat
Track 56: Ronnie Mcintosh-Born to party
Track 57: T. Rock-Hit & run
Track 58: Rocky-Body slammin
Track 59: Patch-Xbox
Track 60: Chucky-I never wine
Track 61: PSY-Gangnam style (restricited zone soca remix)
Track 62: Onyan & The Burning Flames-Kick in she back door

Welcome to DJ Versatile Soca 2013 preview mix

by DJ Versatile "The riddim driver"

Just a taste of what is in store for 2013. Enjoy the mix and your feedback is always welcome. Keep it locked for more mixes dropping soon. Also check out my previous mixes posted on islandmix. Also shout out to the whole islandmix team and youtube channel fans for their support of my mixes. Bless.

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