Welcome to Garnet Silk Mixtape 2012 by DJ Backle

Track list

01.Intro - Nicky Silk,T.Rebel
02.Christian Soldiers Feat Tonny Rebel
03.I Can See Clearly Now - ft. Yasus Afari
04.Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders
05.Zion In A Vision
06.Bless Me
07.I Am Vex
09.Place In Your Heart
10.It’s Growing
11.Move On Slow
12.Everything I’ve got
13.Kingly Character
14.Jah Jah Is The Ruler
15.Blessed Be The Almighty
16.Fill Us Up With Your Mercy
17. Mam Is Just A Man
18.Give Us Strenght Ft.Shaggy Wonder
19.Seven Spanish Angel
21.Nothing Can Divide Us
22.So Divine
23.Used To Be My Girl
24.She Gives Me Love
25.Oh Me Oh My
26.Nothin Can Devide Us
27.Splashing Dashing
28.Who Is Like Selassie (Remix
29.Hello Mamma Africa
30.Every Knee Shall Bow(Cocoa T & Charlie Chaplin
31.Cry Of My People
32.Babylon Be Still
33.Love Is The Answer
34.Silk Chant
35.Green Line
36.King Moses
37.Spread The Love

Welcome to Garnet Silk Mixtape 2012

by DJ Backle

it madd....

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