Welcome to Willy Chin Summer Mix 2012 by Willy Chin - Black Chiney

Track list

01-CD Intro
02-Do Sum (Black Chiney-Dub)
03-Party Shot (Black Chiney-Dub)
04-Yasso Nice (Black Chiney-Dub)
05-Don A Road (Black Chiney-Dub)
06-Sit Down Pon It (Black Chiney-Dub)
08-Shake Her Beast (Black Chiney-Dub)
09-Ready Fi F##K (Black Chiney-Dub)
10-Go Go Wine (Black Chiney-Dub)
11-Love Di Vibes (Black Chiney-Dub)
12-Chillin Time (Black Chiney-Dub)
13-One Life To Live
14-Independent Ladies
15-Summer Wave
16-When Mi Party
17-Me A Pree (Black Chiney-Remix)
18-Nah Sell Out
19-Bill (Black Chiney-Dub)
20-Mi Nuh Care
21-Bubble Gal (Black Chiney-Dub)
22-Car Wash SKIT
23-Ting Tun Up
24-Wide Awake/Hi Dro (Willy Chin REMIX)
25-Same Damn Time
26-So Mi Tan (Black Chiney-Dub)
28-No Lies
29-Cashin Out (Willy Chin REMIX)
30-I Dont Like
31-I Dont Like (Black Chiney-Dub)
32-Black Chiney Booking Info
33-Back To Life
34-War Enemy (Black Chiney-Dub)
35-Psycho (Black Chiney-Dub)
36-Some Bwoy (Black Chiney-Dub)
37-So Bad
38-We Never Fear Dem
39-F##K Summer
40-Claaty Again
41-This Is the Life
42-So Amazing
43-More Gal (Black Chiney-Dub)
44-Bum Flick (Willy Chin REMIX)
45-Bruk It Down (Willy Chin REMIX)
47-Love How Yuh Whine
49-Good F##K

Welcome to Willy Chin Summer Mix 2012

by Willy Chin - Black Chiney

Black Chiney presents Willy Chin “Summer Mix 2012”

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