Welcome to Ifete Mixtape Volume 1 by Mistah Hot - WISC

Track list

1.Carnival Tabanca
2.Conquer Meh
4.Red Eye
5.Fight D Feeling
6.Shut Ya Mouth
7.Monster Winer
8.Kotch D Bumpa
9.Pull Me Over
10.Bruk It
11.Bum Bum
12.Turning Me On
13.Summertime Sadness
14.I Love It (Re Edit)
15.Clarity (Re Edit)
16.Rich As F*ck
19.Eva Blessed
20.Hold Me
21.So Good
23.Unruly Rave
24.Do D Ting
26.Body Look
28.Bedroom Bully
29.One Drop
30.Whine & Kotch
31.Pull Up To Mi Bumper
32.Watch Out For This

Welcome to Ifete Mixtape Volume 1

by Mistah Hot - WISC

The official Ifete Mixtape Vol.1 a perfect blend of Soca,Reggae,Hiphop,EDM

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